Political Parties and Elections

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Political Parties and Elections 

Host: Former Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling 

January 25, 2020 to April 19, 2020

Course Description: This non-credit course will provide students with an introduction to American political parties and elections. We will study the evolution of political parties over time and their impact on the electoral process. We will also focus on political campaigns by reviewing some of the more interesting campaigns in U.S. political history and the factors that influenced those campaigns and campaigns today. 

Course topics will include:


 American Politics: What Does It Mean?
· The American Electoral Process
The Transformation of American Campaigns
 Electoral/Voter Participation
Financing Campaigns
 Modern Campaign Strategies
· Parties and Party Systems
· The Political Party As An Organization
· Parties, Nominations and Elections
· The Party In Government
· Interest Groups and the Media 

Each week students will receive a video lecture, which can be viewed at your convenience. Course content will then be reviewed during weekly Zoom meetings, which will be held at 7:00 PM on Monday evenings throughout the semester. (Zoom meetings are subject to change based on the instructors schedule)


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